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Harmony Homestead

Flowers | Food | Faith

Our farm, Harmony Homestead, brims with life in all forms. In addition to a sea of unique specialty cut flowers, we also grow dozens of varieties of fruits, herbs, nuts and vegetables. Designed using permaculture principles, our biointensive farm is home to superfruits like aronia berry, elderberry, honeyberry and currants; many herbs like sage, sorrel, mint and oregano; hazelnuts and chestnuts; and a large variety of both annual and perennial vegetables like asparagus, garlic, lovage, spinach, kale and arugula. Our heritage breed kune kune hogs provide our soils with plenty of nitrogen and our souls with delight. Working in harmony with God's creation is of utmost importance to us in the planning and stewardship of our plot. As homesteaders, we are devoted to growing and preparing as much of our own food as possible; providing food and food growing education to our community is dear to our hearts as well. 

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