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Flower Bouquet CSA

Thank you to everyone who signed up for this year's CSA! All spots have now been filled and we are sold out for this season. Check back later this year for 2024 signup options!

We are so excited to be offering our flower bouquet CSA for the 2023 growing season! 

NEW THIS YEAR! In addition to our weekly and bi-weekly summer mixed bouquet options, we will also be offering two 4-week options that highlight specific specialty flower varieties - ranunculus and lisianthus!

Also, by popular demand, we will be offering both a La Crosse and a Viroqua pickup location in 2023!

Check out all of the details and sign up below!

About our CSA

We are so excited to offer this opportunity for our flower-loving community to share in the bounty of our farm! The CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) model allows you to support locally grown flowers by committing to purchase weekly or bi-weekly bouquets at the start of our growing season. 

Our Full and Half Share Summer Mixed Bouquet options are great ways to take home a little slice of the farm during our entire Summer season. These bouquets are bursting with a variety of flowers and foliage from the field, and change each week depending on what's blooming and looking best in our gardens. This option allows our members to truly experience all of the changes that we see on the farm throughout the growing season as the weather warms and cools to spark new flowers into bloom. 

Our Specialty Flower Bouquet options are new offerings this year and were created both to highlight a specific special flower and to allow community members who are not able to commit to a longer season of our bouquets to join us for a shorter 4-week commitment. We will be offering a Ranunculus bouquet share in Spring, and a Lisianthus bouquet share towards the end of the summer. These bouquets will feature the specialty bloom prominently, as well as a few supporting stems of other flower varieties to create a lush bouquet for you to enjoy each week. Check out our blog posts to learn more about ranunculus and lisianthus! We are really excited to be highlighting two of our favorite flowers and hope you love them as much as we do! 

  • Subscription Options:

    • SOLD OUT! Full Share Mixed Bouquet (14 weeks): every Tuesday from June 27 to September 26 (second week delivery will be on Wednesday, July 5th due to the holiday). Price: $322.​​

    • SOLD OUT! Half Share Mixed Bouquet (7 weeks): every other Tuesday from the first week of July to September 26 (first week delivery will be on Wednesday, July 5th due to the holiday). Price: $175.

    • SOLD OUT! Ranunculus Bouquet (4 weeks): Every Tuesday for the 4 weeks our ranunculus are in bloom. This is usually approximately the month of June; exact dates will be determined and communicated once crop is close to blooming. Price: $100. 

    • SOLD OUT! Lisianthus Bouquet (4 weeks): every Tuesday for 4 weeks when lisianthus are in bloom. This will likely be mid-August to mid-September when all lisianthus varieties are expected to bloom; exact dates will be determined and communicated once crop is close to blooming. Price: $100.

  • Pickup Options:

    • NEW! Thoreau's Garden, 520 E Terhune St, Viroqua, WI. Wednesday afternoon/evening.

    • NEW! Pump House Regional Arts Center, 119 King Street, La Crosse​, WI. Tuesday afternoon/evening.

    • Organic Valley Cashton Retail Store​, 509 Organic Drive, Cashton, WI​. Tuesday afternoons

    • Organic Valley La Farge Retail Store, 507 W Main St, La Farge, WI 54639​. Tuesday afternoons.

Mixed Bouquet example
Ranunculus - Cafe (left), Porcelaine (right)
Lisianthus - Apricot (left), Blue Chateau (right)

Subscription & Pickup Options

Additional Details

  • About our flowers and bouquets 

    • Our fields are teeming with a variety of perennial and annual blooms, including (but most definitely not limited to!): Zinnias, Lisianthus, Snapdragons, Cosmos, Echinacea, Phlox, Dahlias and Celosia. 

    • We strive to create bouquets that offer unique aromatic, textural and compositional experiences. Incorporating grasses, pods, fresh herbs and dried flowers into our arrangements is our stylistic trademark.

  • What to expect

    • Each week we will send you an email newsletter with details about what flowers you will receive in that week's bouquet, as well as any details related to pickup, as relevant.

    • Your bouquet will come wrapped in a paper sleeve. Vases will not be provided. You will receive information about how to care for your bouquet for best longevity in our weekly newsletters. 

  • About us and our farm

    • We have been farming following permaculture practices on our 1.75-acre farm outside Viroqua since 2017. In addition to cut flowers, we grow perennial fruits, nuts & vegetables, and raise heritage hogs. ​

  • Review Terms and Conditions for more detailed information about our flower CSA

CSA Signup

Sign up is now closed - check back later this year for 2024 signup options!


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Thank you for joining! We can't wait to share farm-fresh flowers with you in 2023!

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